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Hot! Luke Says Khaled is a Transplant and Ross Don’t Have a Sound

On Halloween Night Dirty South Pioneer Luke was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show with Prez and Mac Jay. The trio chopped it up about the good ole days at Luke Records, Why 2 Live Crew cannot reunite for a tour, and much much more.


Luke Speaks on how Rick Ross and Khaled Don’t Have the Miami Sound

“What you hear from Rick Ross to Khaled and stuff like that, that ain’t the real Miami down and dirty sound, that’s commercial. Ross is alright with me and he is cool, but Ross don’t have a sound. He is commercial, thats Everybody’s sound.”


Luke Says DJ Khaled is not from Miami

“DJ Khaled is not from Miami, so what ever he does we don’t consider that down here as a part of as who we are. He is not one of us. He is from New Orleans. He is one of those transplant guys that comes down here and claims Miami, but when you wanna hear some real Miami music you gotta come down here in the straight gutter.”




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