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Hot! Long Beach’s TayF3rd “Pimp or Die” Music Video Behind the Scenes

Join HustleTV as they go behind-the-scenes on TayF3rd’s “PIMP or DIE” music video shoot!

TayF3rd was born & raised on the Eastside of the LBC and stays humble to his roots by giving back to the youth in his community. Tay is the first artist officially inked to Big Boy’s (Big Boy’s Neighborhood/Power 106 FM) newly formed record label. After a year of soul searching and maturing, TayF3rd has finally found himself and ready to show the world his life through his music.

Tay is known for his “sand” mixtape collection. He’s released “The Sandbox” and “The Sand King” mixtapes and his unreleased tape was scheduled to be named “Quick Sand” but as you find out in this exclusive video, Tay has decided to change the name of his forthcoming mixtape to “Welcome Home”. Check out the video to find out why TayF3rd has had a sudden change of heart.

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