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Hot! Lil’ Flip arrested for possession of guns and drugs in Mansfield, LA

From bad to worse has been Lil’ Flip’s career since going up against T.I. the better part of a decade ago. Lil’ Flip built strong buzz behind his “Game Over” single and looked to take the game over. Instead, Lil’ Flip wound up being an afterthought, while his rivals took over the mainstream.

Lil’ Flip, however, only was an afterthought in the mainstream. In Texas, Lil’ Flip remained a big name and on his mixtapes. Still, any hopes of more commercial success were simply dreams. However, Lil’ Flip continued to deliver new music, which found an open audience.

Established as an underground king, Lil’ Flip was knocked down a few pegs while he was in Mansfield, Louisiana. Marijuana and an assault rifle were found during a vehicle search, after Lil’ Flip was pulled over for speeding. Currently, Lil’ Flip is behind bars and under a $35,000 bond.


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