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Hot! Lil Boosie Could Be Released In Months

Rapper’s Attorneys Reportedly Believe Sentence Will Be Cut Short

Rapper Lil Boosie could be released from prison in as soon as a few months, according to reports. Boosie was sentenced to eight years in prison back in 2011, stemming from his attempted smuggling of codeine, ecstasy, and marijuana into Angola State Penitentiary. Boosie was found not guilty of murder charges in 2012, but is still serving the remainder of his drug sentence.

Rolling Stone writer Jeff Weiss has been covering Boosie’s case and revealed that the rapper’s drug sentence could be cut short, and that fans could even be hearing new music from the rapper.

“Just got word that judges have agreed to give back Boosie’s hard drives and computers. It means a whole lot of new Boosie music coming soon,” Weiss tweeted. “No official release date yet for Boosie’s return. But his attorneys say no more than four to five months from today.”


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