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Hot! Legal Issues For The Game, Fighting To Tell Court About Sex Assault Accuser’s History Of Prostitution

Lawyers for Copmton rapper, The Game,are fighting for the chance to bring up the his sexual assault accuser’s sexual history when the case is brought before the court.

The Game’s legal team is trying to direct the court’s attention to the accuser,who had previously been a prostitute, and had spent time in a mental institution, according to TMZ. Also it been reported she has a criminal background, for theft.

Priscilla Rainey,(accuser) who had been a contestant on The Game’s reality TV show She’s Got Game.  is seeking to disqualify any discussion of the complainant’s alleged past.


Rainey  said that the rapper put his hand up her skirt and touched her sexually without her consent.

The Game’s lawyers have argued that Rainey is making “knowingly false claims” about their client, The Game himself has gone way further, calling Rainey a “thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite.”

“Every girl on that show will tell u I never touched this chick or ever desired to be anywhere near her. She got kicked off the show & as a result she filed this lame lawsuit which was probably her intentions before the show was ever even started.”

We will be paying close attention to this in weeks to come.

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