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Hot! Audio Kurt Diggler Speaks Out About DB Tha General & The “Swear To God” Record


If your a fan of Oakland rapper DB Tha General then you should be very familiar with his partner in rhyme Kurt Diggler, another promising talent hailing out of the Bay Area. When the “Swear To God” track went viral on several Northern Cali based websites, many of the fans that has kept up with the artists musical journey wonder what would lead up to the parties verbally going back and forth musically and via social media.

Siccness has been contacted by most of all the parties involved and yesterday we got a chance to speak with Kurt Diggler to figure out his reason for his participation in the war words. He would go on to explain that DB knows exactly what’s up and is not being as honest about the situation as he should be.

Tune in to hear Kurt Diggler’s side of the story in full detail.

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