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Hot! Kendrick Lamar Wants Balance

Upstart rhymer Kendrick Lamar spoke to 107.5 WCGI’s The Morning Riot about his music and the current state of hip hop. After discussing his bond with pop star Lady Gaga and his desire to work with singer/songwriter Erykah Badu, Lamar talked about what he’d like to see change in hip hop. The West Coast emcee says that rappers need to find a better balance between depth and fun; and that things shouldn’t become too dominated by one side or the other.

“I just think it needs the proper balance,” he said. “Sometimes, things will get a little over the edge and corny, but it’s cats like myself that put depth in the game and still have fun and bring that fun energy and have something to say. So once it continues to have that balance, it’ll be cool.”


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