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Hot! Kendrick Lamar Sticking With In-House Producers For ‘Good Kid In A Mad City’

Kendrick Lamar is gearing up for his ‘Good Kid In A Mad City’ and in a recent interview he spoke about the production side of the album explaining that he’s going to stick with his signature sound. Lamar released the album’s first single ‘The Recipe’ which was supported by Compton legend Dr. Dre, but the Good Doctor could be the only big name to get a feature spot on the album.

Lamar explained that he’s planning on sticking with producers that he’s worked with since he started out. “The producers are really in-house. Soundwave, Tae Beats, Willie B., Dave Free, Digi-Phonics really. I just kept it to the people I came in with because they know my sound. I know their sound, and we mesh properly when we get in that studio and lock in,” Lamar told Hypetrak TV.

While Dr. Dre may not lend his beats to Lamar’s debut, the Good Doctor put in a verse on ‘The Recipe’ and Lamar explained that Dre’s feature was improvised. “We were just the studio having fun really. And that’s how the best records come about. We wasn’t going for no particular type of record. We just wanted to have fun. It felt like me; it felt like some new energy. Dre loved it, and we started rolling with it. It’s definitely a good representation of where we’re from,” Lamar told HypeTrak.

Lamar also indicated that his collaborative mixtape with J. Cole will have to wait until both of their schedules clear up. “We still got them songs in the works it’s just still the old, we need to find time to lock in. He’s a busy man, I’m a busy man. We talk on the phone as hommies all the time, so you know the relationship is always there,” said Lamar.

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