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Hot! Kafani sets the record straight on leaked photos and video!

Yesterday the internet was in a up roar, when many instagram members logged into their accounts to only witness what some say as suspect and disrespectful pictures and video of Bay Area rapper Kafani “The Ice King”. The “Fast Like A Nascar” rapper took to the airwaves with Shay Diddy of the popular radio station 106 KMEL in San Francisco, Ca. to answer a few unclear questions that the fans and spectators may be asking.

When asked, Kafani admits to being the individual in the pictures and video, he also goes on to say that the pictures and video were taken by his then girlfriend months ago after spending an evening together, who he later had a misunderstanding with over some photos posted on his account leading her to hacking his account and leaking the embarrassing content.

Kafani who was seen in the photos and video in a suspect pose and jokingly accused by the unnamed female as having a tramp stamp, led posters on the social networking site to speculate rather the rapper was questioning his sexulaity. He would make it very clear to listeners saying “I Love The Ladies, I Am Not Gay”.

Listen To Interview Below

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