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Hot! Kafani Talks With DJ Vlad: Feds Tried to Use My Lyrics to Give Me the Death Penalty

Back in October of 2013, emerging Bay Area rapper, Kafani, of the Babyface Assassins, was gunned down during a video shoot. VladTV helped Kafani break the silence after his near fatal shooting, and discussed how his life changed due to being paralyzed as a result of the shooting. He recently granted us another exclusive interview, in which he detailed how federal agents conducted a seven year investigation and used a confidential informant to to build a case against him. Even though he’s currently been federally indicted, and convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and bank fraud, to the tune of $20M, the “Real Sh*t” rapper is not allowing that to dampen life’s perspective.

“My spirits [are] strong. At the end of the day, I’m just happy that I’m still alive,” he says before mentioning more of the turbulent events that have led to his current situation. After deep reflection, Kafani decided to write his life in a memoir entitled, ‘Kafani: Oakland’s White-Collar King.’ Although much of his music was centered around catering to the ladies and keeping the party going, few people know that before he entered the booth he steered clear of the conventional 9-5 career path.

As it would turn out, the man responsible for supplying wired-intel to the authorities would end up getting killed after his name was inadvertently leaked to the public. Given that Kafani was away at the time doing a show in San Rafael with J. Stalin, he would eventually be cleared as a suspect in that murder. But, that didn’t happen until after the police reviewed many of his videos and social media postings. These items were subsequently presented as evidence against Kafani at his detention hearing.

Blessed that he received 41 months on his associated charges of conspiracy, he will be officially sentenced next month on July 29. Given the support he’s received from other men who have been locked away, and even an alleged Oakland drug lord, he vows to stay positive and focused on his future — and stay off social media. He then challenged the public to observe how studio gangstas are silly enough to post incriminating info on various social media sites.

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