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Hot! Jury convicts Bay Area Rapper of misdemeanors in felony assault trial

FAIRFIELD — A Vacaville man who faced a possible life sentence if convicted was found not guilty Friday of seven felony charges.

The family of the defendant, Steven N. Davison, cheered in the courthouse hallway after the quick jury verdict and jubilantly hugged Davison’s defense attorney, Amy Morton.

After the verdict, Judge Peter B. Foor told Davison, who had been locked up since July 2012, that he would be out of jail within a few hours.

Jurors did find Davison guilty of three misdemeanor battery charges for what happened on the night of July 12, 2012.

Davison, 38, was arrested after his ex-girlfriend ran naked and bleeding from his Allison Drive apartment and told police she had been beaten and sexually assaulted by Davison.

During his weeklong trial, Davison took the witness stand and said he had been drinking heavily and could remember repeatedly punching and kicking his ex-girlfriend who he had invited over for the night. She ended up being hospitalized and received stitches for the cuts on her head.

Davison turned himself in to authorities several days after the assault. He was charged with felony assault, sexual assault, false imprisonment and torture.

Morton told jurors during the trial that the ex-girlfriend was a scorned woman who became enraged when she found women’s clothing and a stripper pole at the apartment she had never been to before.

“She was angry beyond words. Her dream had just come tumbling down,” Morton said of Davison telling the ex-girlfriend he was done with her moments before she ran from the apartment.

For Morton, it was the second major legal victory of the month. A few weeks ago, Morton garnered a not guilty verdict on a murder charge for a Fairfield man who joined in the 2010 beating of a man who was later shot and killed in Vallejo.

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