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Hot! Joe Young Questions Tony Yayo Stret Cred, Yayo Lashes Back!

Buzzing German rapper Joe Young and G-Unit member Tony Yayo are firing shots back and forth on the social networks Twitter and Instagram. The beef between the two is based on 50 Cent’s revived feud with Irv Gotti. The Murda Inc. head honcho had accused 50 Cent of being a police informant back in the thick of G-Unit and Murder Inc.’s famous beef.

Now, German rapper Joe Young reached out to Tony Yayo questioning his street credibility after both released a famous collaboration titled “Rider (Remix)” [watch:] in 2010 alongside popular German emcee MoTrip.

“If I do a song with someone that I used to look up to, I treat the person right and I make sure that he straight on some real shit. Now, I learn that Yayo or 50 was a police informant and when I asked him about it, he threatened me. I can’t condone no fuck shit like this! I just don’t want to be in no video with snitches!” explained Joe Young.

Tony Yayo replied and threatened Joe Young: “Yo bro, we real Gz my nigga. Stop coming at me for some fake paperwork. My gun go off. All this cyber gangster shit, I ain’t with it. Ask about me in these streets. Watch your mouth!”


Tony Yayo Threat


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