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Hot! Joe Blow & 38 Spesh Meet Up Once Again For In The Mob We Trust.

Joe Blow has been on auto-pilot with he latest release Of Blow Money & Hustle For my Name. This time around he links up with 38 Spesh for their latest endeavor entitled, “In Mob The we Trust”. This mixtape contains 13 tracks. It includes guest appearances by the likes of Street Knowledge, Benny, Bo Strangles, K Koke, & Klass Murda. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the mixtape as well as the Itunes link provided for purchase details.


1 Intro Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 4:31
2 Mob Life Joe Blow, 38 Spesh, Benny 4:24
3 Better Treatment Joe Blow, 38 Spesh, K Koke 4:04
4 Kill You Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 3:36
5 First Kid Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 3:48
6 Syrup Joe Blow, 38 Spesh, Bo Strangles, Klass Murda 4:00
7 Mans Will Joe Blow, 38 Spesh, Street Knowledge 4:07
8 Drug Life Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 2:58
9 fu*k Cancer Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 3:02
10 Baby Cry Joe Blow, 38 Spesh, Street Knowledge 4:32
11 Average Hoe Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 2:16
12 Nonsense Joe Blow, 38 Spesh 2:10
13 Ghetto Children Joe Blow, 38 Spesh, Street Knowledge 4:43




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