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Hot! Jim Jones Says The Diplomats Have Recorded The First Single For Their Reunion Album

The Diplomats have been talking about releasing a reunion album since Jim Jones and Cam’ron settled their differences back in 2010, but now Jones has revealed that Dipset has finished recording the record’s first single. Jones also had an  update on Juelz Santanaand explained that the ‘From Me to U’ rapper has recorded a full catalog of songs for his new mixtape.

According to Jones, the first Diplomat have finished the first single for their new album and the track will feature Lil Wayne. “Me and Cam just finished the first Diplomat single. Actually, Wayne is on the hook. It’s called ‘Have You Ever Made Love to a Diplomat.’ It’s definitely an incredible record,” Jones said on Sway In the Morning.

Although the Dipset album might take some time to work out, Juelz Santana has managed to record a huge number of tracks for a mixtape in spite of having to deal with some legal issues. “Juelz has been going through a really crazy period in his life as far as back-to-back instances with the law that’s personal. So things get caught up. Cam has still been doing music, we always doing music, and for the last three months, Juelz had been in the studio strong. I know he’s got like 30, 40 songs that he’s been picking through and he’s about to put out his mixtape,” said Jones.

Jones also explained his personal motivation for making music and said that he wants to inspire kids to overcome obstacles in their lives. “I ain’t live like no angel but the stories that I do tell and the things that I do say is more like inspiration for some to look forward to. No matter if I’ve been through a lot of hard times, I twisted it up and I came out on top. I just want the kids to hear my story and feel me,” said Jones.

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