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Hot! Jerry Heller Remembers Eazy-E, Straight Outta Compton, and more

On March 31st Jerry Heller returned to the Murder Master Music Show to talk to Prez & Mac Jay and as always it was a very entertaining show to say the least. Jerry touched on a wide variety of
topics including remembering Eazy-E 20 years after his death, the NWA biopic film Straight Outta Compton, Dr. Dre’ssuccess, Suge Knight, and much more.

About Eazy-E 20 years after his death

“It’s very, very, difficult. I think about him all the time, and I think about what he would have accomplished is he was still here. The guy was an incredible visionary, A good friend, and like a son to me.”

Then asked about the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” Jerry had mixed feelings

“I haven’t seen anything yet. I am waiting until the movie comes out and I will be there in the front row with my lawyer and looking to make sure it is an accurate movie! They didn’t reach out to me at all to give any kind of advice, insight, or background so it’s hard for me to believe that they got it right!”

After hearing that no one reached out for Jerry’s insight for the film, host Prez asked if actor Paul Giamatti reached out to Heller and he said no

“I am sure that somebody told him not to do it. I am sure they told him to stay away! They can;t write me out of it but they can sure re-write it. If it is accurate then I’m a fan like everybody else!”

Still Wishes He would not have talked Eazy out of killing Suge Knight
“I think even more so now, I think that Suge Knight is an evil human being. He was a body guard at Ruthless and he drove Dre around. He was usually with the D.O.C. He was a bad guy then and he is a worse guy now. The guy is lucky and like they say in Vegas to OJ Simpson, it’s pay pack time. Eric (Eazy-E) knew he was a problem from the beginning and that was that meeting where I talked him out of doing what he wanted to do, and if you know Eric he was very firm in his ideas. And actually as it turned out he was right and I was wrong.”

Then when asked about DJ Speed, Heller went in

“He was never a part of NWA! He was a gopher, he took Eric’s laundry in. He was a friend of Eric’s. I just found out form Vinnie Caruso that he got in trouble and Eric fired him. He was never a member of NWA. All the years I knew Eric I probably ran into Speed 2 or 3 times. He talked shit about me all the time like he knows something, he;s just a punk. He had nothing to do with NWA! He certainly was not a member of NWA!”

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