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Hot! J-Stalin & The Worlds Freshest – Miracle & Nightmare Album Sampler. Full album in stores July 16th !!!!

July 16th, Stalin & Fresh are back at it this time with a 2 Disc Set !!! This project is a concept album, the “Nightmare” side is J-Stalin more darker and more street tales and graphic lyrics with fresh’s more hard hitting and darker production. This side features Freddie Gibbs as well.

The Miracle side showcases more of Stalin’s making it out the struggle and with a touch of fly shit but still real and not the usual bs you may hear on the radio, and this side is classic fresh sound with dope 80s samples and hard drums for the trunk and Stalin rides these beats effortlessly.. This will have a deluxe edition with both cds together with 15 songs on each disc totaling 30 all brand new songs no recycles. You can also buy the disc seperate with 12 songs on the disc at a lower price.


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  1. i think the world’s freshest outdoes himself on this album..the production has left me waiting for this what stalin can do over this of both worlds with this combo..

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Showcase Your Next Project!