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Hot! Is The Game’s Jesus Piece Album Cover Blasphemous?

Is Compton rapper the Game’s album cover for his upcoming Jesus Piece project blasphemous? That’s certainly what plenty of people will be asking when they take a look at its artwork (see below).

The Game was baptized in 2011 and the cover for his new album is styled after a stained glass window. It depicts an African-American Jesus Christ (that’s ain’t so bad) that is wearing a red bandana that covers the lower portion of his face. The Lord and Savior posing as a Blood gang member? That may not be the best of looks. He is also rocking and pointing to a gold “Jesus Piece” and in the background are also palm trees and “kush” symbols as well as “JP” logos styled after the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram.

The “S” in the Jesus Piece title is also made to look like a “5,” denoting that this is the Game’s fifth, and allegedly final album on Interscope records. Jesus Piece is due out sometime in December, while the Game’s VH1 reality show, Marrying The Game, which chronicles his upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge, debuts November 19th.

So is this creative visual art and freedom of speech, or is the Game going to have hell to pay? Let us know where you stand in the comments.

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