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Hot! Introducing New Artist Joesph Calloway

One of The hottest things to bounce out of East Oakland this year is Robert Erving Calloway also known as “Jodie”. Born on January 20, 1994 Oakland Ca., it was clear his spirit was filled with a substance that rests somewhere promising after the movements of both soul and hyphy. Real roots take him back and forth between Oakland CA, Fairfield CA, and a small stint in Baton Rouge LA. Artistically, he is a natural performer, and loved early in life, his role in poetry contests and theatrical plays.

Musically, he started singing at 8-9 with platinum recording artist and blood-cousin Sage the Gemini, who introduced him to music. He literally and figuratively sat behind sage until the age of 15 before breaking out on his own to pursue his solo dreams.With an inner city existence, along came trouble, lost friends and family members. Singing and acting was the only outlet to express himself of the turmoil he was living.

It was in his late teens that he was hung on a conscious decision to either progress with his career or succumb to the eventual bullet that he hadn’t in the previous six times that weren’t fatal. Seeing death on one hand and success on the other presented two paths of life for him to choose, as Sage’s career blossomed in the midst of his coming of age. But even then, Jodie built a name for himself, not as an Artist, but as a party host. Known for his functions in the San Leandro community.

While doing poetry, plays, any and everybody’s hook song, Jodie then graduated early at Castro Valley Adult School. At his time, parallel, to Sage’s growing popularity, Jodie attended both Sacramento City College and Sacramento State University in which he eventually left because of lack of funds. The song that was suppose to give him both funds and structure to his music career was entitled “Go” featuring Sage the Gemini and Smoovie Baby. Due to musical politics, it had a controversial fail and in the summer of 2013 he picked up and left to LA.

In LA he has supported by a girl named Taylor Gilbert, who helped him chase the Hollywood dream. The giving continued, but the progress slowed. “she was my girlfriend my whole life” As the progress slowed he witnessed his cousin rise to mega stardom and extended the offer for a struggling Jodie to tour. From the East, to now every direction, Jodie and met celebs, toured, and was given a sample of fame. One night at Sage’s mansion, The Gemeni made it clear that a sample was all it would be and that he wanted Jodie to reach success without using him as crutch.

With his cousins endorsement, but without his cousins help, he began working on his mixtape “Maries Letter”, named after his first two real girlfriends who were instrumental in love and exploration of his existence into manhood and maturity. While recording for Marie’s letter one night, he came across a song on YouTube from a girl named Maya Moss, entitled “That Girl”. He remixed it. This was his first song since “GO”, and woke up a lot of old fans, and teased the interest into what he was working on. Remixing the song was only possible by illegal DJ communication, which allowed to him getting the leaked tracked-out files of the song to remix. This would get him intouch with DreDaMost of the LabRats, who produced the track. The interaction led to another producer named Draft of the LabRats calling and in a strange change of events, inviting him to the Fresno CA, studio 559mmProductions.

From there he began working with Phonzy, Draft, and DreDaMost who comprise the team, and began crafting enormous records such as “A1” and “Key To My Heart”. With the LabRats offering to produce his music, he then regained the heart to move to Fresno to pursue his music career permanently. He now drops records that resonate from the central valley, through the bay and Los Angeles as Joesph Calloway fights to make his name remembered in this business we call music.

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