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Hot! Insane Clown Posse and Da Mafia 6ix Doing A Album Together?

In a recent interview with Darkside Newz, DJ Paul released some very interesting news. During the interview DJ Paul was answering questions about the Gathering of the Juggalos when he stated that Da Mafia 6ix and Insane Clown Posse have plans on recording a collaborative album together.

Beside DJ Paul’s interview answers no other word about this possible album has been announced. We will bring you more information about this when and if anything is released. You can view DJ Paul’s interview where this information was announced below.

From a Darkside Newz Interview with DJ Paul:

I also just heard that you have been announced to play at this years Gathering of the Juggalos which is pretty cool. You’ve played there before but what about the others in the group?

Yeah it’s gonna be cool because not everybody else in the group played there with us before. So its gonna be funny, its gonna be fun!

What is it like at the ‘Gathering’ I’ve heard a lot of crazy things about it there?

Ah man, it’s crazy as hell! They throw shit at you and you throw shit back at them and they like it.

Yeah I seen the videos

(Laughs) I saw a guy in the crowd with a flamethrower! I was like ‘Holy Shit’.  Shit was firing out , I was like ‘Lord have mercy’

Wow, So have you got any plans to work with (Gathering of the Juggalo creators) the Insane Clown Posse again?

Yeah we’re gonna do an album with ICP,  Mafia 6ix and ICP.

No way?!  A whole album together?

(laughs) “No Way” ha ha, yeah, a whole album, it’ll be crazy.

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