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Hot! Video Inglewood Rapper Skeme On Ice Cube “Ni**as Will Slap the S**t Out Of You” With VladTV

Although Skeme says he has the utmost respect for Ice Cube, he wasn’t feeling his comments regarding the “New West” artists and their existences specifically being influenced by him, with his approval. Yes, the remarks were made in 2010. However, Skeme didn’t think his statements were valid saying, “Who the f*** needs your approval. I don’t give a f*** how many records you sold. N***** will slap the s*** out of you, just like they did in motherf****** 1999,” he told DJ Vlad.

As for the validity of who gang bangs, Skeme says he can tell the stories they share with one another and isn’t scared to expose those who are lying. “The difference between when it’s real and when it’s fake, especially when you hear them n***** tell the real stories. He explained, “It’s a wrap, and you don’t even have to say too much. I don’t have to spend my life bashing nobody.”

As for his credibility, he says that’s what gives him the leverage to oust fake gangbangers. “But, if ever I feel like somebody talking s*** at a certain point, I’m just [going to] expose the s*** out you because it ain’t nothing to check back on my report card.


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