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Hot! Ice-T Explains Being Gangsta On Sway In The Morning

Ice-T’s past was well documented in his memoir ‘Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption,’ and although few doubt the legitimacy of his past involvement with the Crips, at least one of Sway Calloway’s listeners questioned the rapper’s gangster past. The ‘Gangsta Rap’ creator explained that while he was once involved with gangs, he’s since evolved.

When asked by a caller why he still presents a gangster persona even though he’s no longer attached to a criminal lifestyle, Ice-T explained that his music is actually anti-gangster. “If you listen to my music, my music has always been anti-gangsta. I use the gangsta persona, but at the end of most of my records I end up dead. Or I’m telling somebody, ‘Hey if this is the road you’re gonna take, this is where you’re gonna end.’ Anybody who’s been in it can’t speak on it like it’s nothing. My thing has never been to promote drug dealing or hustling or whatever. It’s always had another side to it,” Ice explained to a fan on Sway In The Morning.

Ice confirmed that he was involved with gangs when he was younger, but he put it behind him as his career advanced. “All I’ve ever tried to do is show people growth. I rapped when I could rap, then I got a chance to be in movies. I took that step forward. But, you know, gangsta’s still in me, I’m that same cat at the end of the day,” said Ice-T.

The transition hasn’t always been easy, and Ice explained that even though it might seem like he’s become a different person, he’s really just evolved. “It’s a very interesting predicament you put yourself in when you come from the hood and try to smooth it out. So what happens is when you try to smooth it out people think, ‘oh this is a different person.’ It’s the same person, just a little more grown, a little more knowledgeable about it, that’s all,” said Ice-T.

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