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Hot! Ice Cube On The Hunt For Director To Close Out N.W.A. Biopic

Ice Cube had a chance to clear up some rumors surrounding his plans to put out a biopic that would cover the career of N.W.A., and revealed that while the project is not yet set in stone, work on the script is nearly complete. The rapper also took a minute to discuss the process of selecting a director and actor’s for the movie, and revealed that he was conducting interviews but currently he doesn’t have any names to attach to the film.

Ice Cube dismissed rumors that he’d managed to sign up ‘Boyz n the Hood’ director John Singleton to helm the project, but he did reveal that he’s been actively searching for a director to run the project. “We’re interviewing a lot of directors. I don’t want to say ‘yea’ or ‘nay,’ but we’re interviewing directors. So, the movie’s in progress in this high speed, and it’s coming along. Hopefully, we get it done,” Ice Cube said.

According to Ice Cube the project is well underway, and the rapper revealed that the script is “about seventy-five percent there.” But Cube was quick to add that nothing is certain at this point and said that he’s yet to secure a deal with a studio to fund the documentary. “Until they green-light the picture, start cutting checks, it’s still just a dream,” said Ice Cube to MTV.

The rapper also took on rumors that his son might play him in the film and said that although he’s focused on finding the right actor for the part, but added that he wouldn’t be unhappy if the role ended up going to his son. “That’s a dream come true, but we’re going to find the best actor to do the job. That’s the thing about movies: You have got to find the best people to do the role. It is going to be a role that I think is right for unknowns, people who you haven’t seen before. I think that’s the best way to pull this off,” explained Ice Cube.

Ice Cube might have more time to focus on the N.W.A. film as his current project, ‘21 Jump Street,’ is set to hit theatres on March 16th. The film, which stars Ice Cube in the role of Captain Dickson, just had its premiere on March 13th in Los Angeles.

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