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Hot! Iamsu! Reacts To “Sincerely Yours” Criticism

Ahead of his performance at the Sunset Music Festivalin September, Iamsu! spoke with HipHopDX about his reaction to the DX review of his debut album Sincerely Yours in May.

“Hey man, I’ma keep it real with ya’ll,” he said in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily (October 1). “This is HipHopDX and ya’ll gave me a crummy ass review. I was hot as fuck, I’m gonna be honest with you. ‘Cause I’m a big ass fan of the site, every day, I’m on there, on my phone. So I seen it, shit I put my whole heart into this CD. It’s like a child, so it’s like somebody saying something about your kid. I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ I was hot. I take my shit that serious, you know? But I understand. Everything is just a variable. Everybody ear ain’t the same and everybody’s not gon’ feel my story the way they supposed to so it’s my job to explain that. So it took a little growing up but once I did that it’s all good. It’s all respect. But trust me I was hot as fuck though ‘cause I take my shit serious. I’m supposed to be mad. I understand though.”

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