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Hot! Hotboys Turk Speaks On Lack Of Support From Baby & Wayne After Father Was Killed

Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio just did an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Turk who has had some major ups and downs lately. With his release from jail roughly a year ago he has been blessed with twins and he has suffered greatly with the recent loss of his father, Tab Virgil Sr who was killed by a hit and run a couple weeks ago.

Turk spoke on his recent deal with Rap-A-Lot, his drug addiction, going to the penitentiary, having withdrawals from Heroin and Cocaine, speaking about his release, the birth of his twins, the loss of his Father, and the people who he needed support from who were not there when he needed them the most.

There are man key points in the interview I recommend all listen to the whole thing.

12:00 Deal with Rapalot Records

18:30 The cause of Turk’s addiction to Heroin and Cocaine

25:00 Soulja Slim’s cousin, Soulja Killuminati calls in sounds just like his late cousin

30:15 Having Withdrawals from Heroin and Cocaine addiction inside jail

36:00 The Birth of Turk’s Twins

39:15 Speaking on the hit and run death of his father Tab Virgil Sr

44:00 The Video where he addressed Baby, Wayne and others and how he feels about what they did

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