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Hot! Hopsin “Knock Madness” Cover Art, Tracklisting & Album Stream



1. “Fiends are Knocking

2. “Hop is Back”

3. “Who’s There” f. Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright)

4. “Tears to Snow”

5. “Rip Your Heart Out”

6. “Nollie Tre Flip”

7. “Give Me That Money”

8. “I Need Help”

9. “Hip Hop Sinister”

10. “Good Guys Get Left Behind”

11. “Bad Manners Freestyle”

12. “Old Friend”

13. “Still Got Love For You”

14. “Jungle Bash f. SwizZZz

15. “Lunch Time Cypher” f. Passionate MC & Gmo Skee

16. “Dream Forever”

17. “What’s My Purpose”

18. “Caught In The Rain”

stream the album via YouTube.

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