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Hot! Hooli Auto Returns With Brand New Single “Tax Refund”

Tax Refund is Hooli Auto’s first single since his last release with Spice 1 ‘Thug Legacy’. It is a crafted tale of his underground black market dealings during the most lucrative time of the year ‘Tax Season’. This will be the staple anthem song for Tax Returns . It has a clever new west coast  sound and charismatic rap delivery that mixes like Kids and w2 forms. You can purchase Tax Refund at these links provided below.



  1. Lovin’ this single!
    Listened to Thug Legacy the other day and the album is HOT!!!

  2. My man been putting it down for damn near thirty years. Yall better recognize.

  3. It’s like the 1st and 15th to the 15th power. Lol this song go ham bruh $$$$

  4. This song got stuck in my head when I was getting my taxes done Omg. The lady was like what are you singing. I showed her the song and by the time I was leaving she was singing it too. Lmfao

  5. Hooli back at it again!! Got it on replay just like first song I ever heard. I was about 5 years old. 18 and still loving his music!!!

  6. His music is crazy good! Always sticks to his style and represents what music is really about. 10 stars

  7. Haystack original. . Everything he touch is instantly classic! !

  8. Refreshing to hear an original new sound. To many replica’s now a days Hooli Auto is the authentic.

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