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Hot! Havoc (Mobb Deep) Releases New Album

Mobb Deep, (comprised of Prodigy and Havoc), remains a household name for any fan of rap who fell in love with the genre in the 90s & 2000s. Even younger fans who listen to primarily recent new artists know the importance of the duo’s gritty New York street tales.

While Mobb Deep has remained active (boasting eight albums in the past 21 years), both Havoc and Prodigy have been pursuing successful solo efforts since the early-2000s. Havoc is renowned as the production mastermind behind Mobb Deep, playing a major role in shaping New York’s hardcore hip-hop sound. Havoc’s newest album 13 Reloaded, (distributed through TuneCore), went live November 18th.

To be named the distribution choice of a legend like Havoc is a true honor for TuneCore, and we were psyched to get in touch with him about his new release. We also discuss Havoc’s experiences in the industry, why he chose TuneCore, balancing writing/production responsibilities, and how to push your music globally. Read more >>

From the interview with Havoc:

The industry has certainly changed since you got started. What advice can you offer independent MC’s and producers looking to take it global?

Yes, the industry has changed a lot from what it used to be since I first came into the game; but the advice I can give to up-and-coming producers and artists trying to take it global independently is utilize all the social media outlets available, and be relentless at it. Come up with new ways unforeseen with social media and be a trendsetter that no one can deny!  — Havoc/Hip-Hop, read more from the interview.

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