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Hot! Harlem Drug Lord Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez aka ‘Rico’ Released From Federal Prison

Street legend Alberto “Alpo” Martinez has been released from ADX Florence prison, Don Diva Mag reports. The news was confirmed by Don Diva CEO and well-respected Harlem OG Kevin Chiles who covers the drug underworld and street life in New York City and beyond.

Alpo Martinez reached out to Don Diva’s CEO, Kevin Chiles through a mutual female friend.  Alpo told the female friend, “Me and Kev were cool. Kev believes I told on him, and I just want to talk to him to set the record straight with him. Can you give him the message and get back to me.”

“We were all friends [Chiles, Porter, and Martinez]. Preceding him killing Rich we were all cool on the street.  We hung out. We got money. The fact that he told on anyone is not okay for me, and there is nothing to discuss, but even if he didn’t tell, we still wouldn’t be good because he killed Rich. I’m not cool with how that went. Kevin Chiles, CEO – Don Diva Magazine

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