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Hot! #GODMOB – What’s It Really Mean?

2 Bay Area Artists, Sunni Ali & Zar The Dip have teamed of for a T-Shirt Line Collaboration. #GodMob Apparel is a T-Shirt line that they have created to promote righteousness through apparel. Its a very simple concept,  a hash mark followed by the words GodMob, but its powerful and encompasses so much. GodMob is a term that we as Muslims from The Ansar El Muhammad have been using for years in terms of Mobbing For Righteousness explains Zar The Dip, we used to be out in the streets among the thugs and the gangstas and we would lean in there direction in order to try and get them to hear some of the knowlege we wanted to share. We began using that term GodMob to signify that we take the same drive and energy  that we used in the negative now in the positive.

We take those lessons we learned in the streets and apply them to a righteous life style. We now Mob For God! There are so many people out here today in the world Mobbing for the wrong reasons and its costing them there lives and there freedom so we wanted to put a positive spin on a negative word “Mob”. We are Marketing our T Shirt line to Christians and Muslims alike in hopes of bridging the Gap betweeen the two. We recently shot an “Infomercial” at a Baptist Church in Oakland and added Christian and Muslim images alike in the infomercial as Sunni Ali gives you some of the realest words you would ever hear in a rap song at the same time.  Its a Commercial, a Movie Trailer, and a Music Video All in 1!  This 1st #GodMob infomercial is one of a series of infomercials we will be releasing. We have a website set up it being updated now where you can order the shirts and keep up with this #GodMob movement.

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