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Hot! GBE Member Ballout Claims To Have Stolen Souja’s Boy Chain

Take Soulja Boy out of the equation and Chief Keef’s rise to stardom is much different from how it is known to the world. Before “I Don’t Like” and its overwhelming success that caused the bidding war, Chief Keef’s claim to fame was his Soulja Boy collaborations. From the way things look, this may be soon a thing of the past.

Chief Keef rose to fame and brought a lot of controversy with him. Despite their immense popularity, Chief Keef and GBE are highly controversial. Each member has received their own level of fame, along the way. In 2013, BallOut is looking to have his own form of breakout success.

Recently, BallOut took to Twitter to call Soulja Boy out. BallOut revealed, via Twitter, he stole Soulja Boy’s chain. In addition to announcing the chain being stolen, BallOut has taken shots at Soulja Boy on Instagram. Soulja Boy responded to the claims, saying the stolen chain was fake.


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