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Hot! Garth Grizz – The Grizz Experiment: Snow Shower (Cover Art + Tracklist)

Garth Grizz one of the main forces behind the NO CEO movement in San Diego, Ca. Has garnished a lot of attention hosting his feed the homeless programs, 16 bar challenge and their annual No CEO network gathering. Now gearing up for the official launch of NOCEO Radio July 18, 2014, Grizz has also released his first official solo album “The Grizz Experiment: Snow Shower” with assistance from Mitchy Slick, I-Rocc, Beta Bossalini and more. The album is now available for purchase on all digital retail outlets, check it out.

2.The One
3.Walk Wit Me (feat. Corbet, Roadeezy)
4.In A Minute (feat. Mitchy Slick)
5.Spill My Gutz (feat. SL-500, Beta Boss)
6.Dope (feat. Deciet, Mike Spitz)
7.Winning (feat. Young Sau)
8.Chop It Up (feat. Makguyva)
9.Tonite (feat. Cricet)
10.Im Blowed (feat. Narkotic)
11.Addicted (feat. Makguyva, Mak Dope)
12.Day Like This (feat. Roadeezy, , Makguyva, Young Smoke)
13.Cheese (feat. Makguyva)
14.Day In The Life
15.Bumper Sticker (feat. P-Chase, I-Rocc)
16.Everyday I Feel Like This (feat. CiCi)
17.International (feat. Pearl, Xact)
19.Flatline (feat. Xact , Mak Dope, Chibully, Heater Griffen, Rico, Logic, Makguyver, DNA, Legacy)

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