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Hot! Fresno Rappers Legend Lokz & YSL Team Up For ‘Red Topz & Street Knockz’

Fresno representatives Legend Lokz and YSL connect for the release of their fir5st group effort called “Red Topz & Street Knockz”. The album includes 19 songs with guest appearances from T-Nutty, Stevie Joe, Mac Hard, Lil Goofy, The Fee, Mansin, Lil Rey, Da Fam and others.


01. Intro
02. Creepin Thru da Night
03. Sun Iz in My Face f. Ruenz
04. She Gone Do… f. Mac Hard
05. Put Downz f. the Fee & Mansin
06. Kick My Feet up f. Tee Monsta
07. I Aint Fuckin Wit U f. Stevie Joe
08. Borracho!!!!!
09. Racing 2 da Money f. Lil Goofy
10. Itz Gone Be U f. The Fee
11. We Gettin f. T-Nutty
12. Real One
13. Street Life
14. Off da… f. Jpz, Skrilla Scratch, Rede Red & Lil Greedy
15. If U Got Bass
16. I Need That
17. They Love Us f. Mac Hard
18. We Dont Play That f. Lil Rey & N Sane Segall
19. Whoomp Whoomp Remix f. Da Fam



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