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Hot! Video Freddie Gibbs Speaks On Issues With Young Jeezy And Leaving Label

On Episode 84 of the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio, Prezident Bejda brought on Gary Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs. Freddie was not shy about his departure from the Young Jeezy situation.
At around 5:48
When asked about his new project “ESGN” Freddie kicked it off by saying
I just need to set myself apart from Jeezy Right now. I had to break away from that fake ass shit and establish myself, and that is what I was trying to do from the get go but it didn’t work. It was me having to push my own line right now. I couldn’t let this whole year pass waiting on another situation.” 
A few minutes later after being asked if Jeezy was selling him pipe dreams Freddie had this to say….
It was him saying one thing and it not being it. I don’t have no personal problem or anything of that nature because I didn’t deal with him on a personal level. We was together alot but we was never really cool like that. It just came down to a person lying to you and fuckin’ wit your family and future and how your family eat. So when a person tells you that you are signed to this label and thats not the case then that’s a lie. Jeezy out his mouth told me that I had a deal with Epic and I was ready to go full throttle with this shit, but that wasn’t the case. He lied! He made me look stupid. I just got tired of playin’ the fool and I’m not just one of them guys thats happy to be around you I got my own brand and my own fan base.
At around 18:32 
Prezident Bejda presses the Young Jeezy issue once again to find out more about the situation
“There was just alot of empty promises and things that I saw, just the way a person roll, the vibe! It could be little things from how he treats his homies to how he treats his artists. I’d rather do my own thing and I tried to move respectfully with breaking things off with him but I started to get black balled so I just decided to let it all hang out and I don’t care if he black ball me or anyone else in the industry black balls me. I will continue to put my music out and get booked for shows.” 
At around 20:02
In true Murder Master Music Show fashion, Prezident was describing when he asked the Real Rick Ross if he would fight the rapper and decided to ask Gibbbs the same question, if he would fight Jeezy.
I would go a couple rounds with anybody that wanna catch one with me, it could be Jeezy, I don’t give a fuck who it is. I’d fight just about anybody, not saying I could beat everybody but I’m too old to run from nothing. I’ll fight Mike Tyson for a million a round. Jeezy is definitely a guy I wouldn’t back down from and I’m sure nobody on that end would want to.
A couple seconds later Prez asked Gibbs if he heard from Jeezy or was approached by him like a man
“He definitely ain’t approached me like a man and sorted it out which could have easily been done. All I wanted from him was a real nigga conversation without the Hollywood shit. Thats all and its over with. I don’t want people to think I’m going to base my career around dissing him, I could really care less about him, but at the time I was making this “ESGN” album it was “Fuck Jeezy Every Day” and thats what you got from this album. I put it out there and got it off my chest and I am pretty much done with it until somebody fires a shot at me and then I will go into the annihilation phase!” 
So far there hasn’t been no rebuttals?-asks Prez
“There aint gonna be no rebuttals. There is just gonna be fake ass answers and shit that the publicist tell a nigga what to do. His publicist probably tell not to ask no Freddie Gibbs questions so there aint gonna be nothing! I got that shit off my chest!” 


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