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Hot! First Degree the D.E. speaks on the Brotha Lynch Beef and much more

On Episode #79 of the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio , Sac-Town veteran rapper First Degree the D.E. spoke on long time collaborator and Strange Music artist Brotha Lynch Hung and their current beef. And he was not short of words.

“Niggaz came to me asking for help! Let’s just start right there! I’m in my home doing my life and nigga came to me asking for help. He had signed with Strange and hadn’t put out a song in 6 months. They all started coming to me for help. Help me! Including Strange! So I got off my couch to help and just got burned! I drove the nigga to Kansas City 2 or 3 times myself from Sacramento to Kansas City. And its not just him asking me it was Strange asking me. I think Tech put me on his album to thank me for all I did.” 

D.E. says he also helped with Lynch’s old catalog of music.

“All those old albums were just chillin’ on the shelf in bankruptcy in court. I took the time to help. I spent months meeting with lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys.  It was that back catalog that I spent all that time on. And when the money started rollin’ in…..I don’t even need to say nothing else!” 

First Degree didn’t stop there as made it a point to speak on Lynch followers

“Lynch is dumb but who is dumber? The Lynch follower! The person that is following this dumb mutha fucka! He is the dumbest beast on earth and he will defend Lynch, but anyone who knows, knows!

When asked if the two could ever work together again D.E. simply stated

“I don’t know, that’s a good little way to end my easement right there.”


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