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Hot! #Exclusive: Philthy Rich Talks Rick Ross Collaboration, The Loss Of Jacka & More

Its summer time and the streets of California has been producing some
of it’s best talent to date. Back on borad from taking a 6 month hiatus,
Oakland rapper Philthy Rich has been sitting on a massive catalog and
is now gearing up for another release.

The Sem City Money man reached out to “The Siccness Network” to let
us know about “MobWire”, his upcoming collaboration with fellow
Oakland emcee and the late King Jacka’s Artist Records recording artist.
“Joe Blow” The interview would also go into depth about Philthy dealing with
Major Record Labels, hooking up with Maybach Music’s Rick Ross
at an Atlanta Video shoot,  the release of his next big single with HBK’s Iamsu! and more.

This interview shows the growth of Philthy as an artist and business man. Tune in and check out the full interview below:



  1. That was just a waste of time what is this we could be talking like you run in the bay filthy rich sucks hey Coop step up your interview game you be asking boots he has questions

  2. No disrespect coop I don’t want to come off like I don’t appreciate what you do specially for the Bay Area and all the local rappers that you give an outlet to that other websites ain’t check for and speaking on so wit that said nothing but respect for wat u do and bring to the bay as well as your website and I have enjoyed all your interviews from Guce / messy/ quinn / Mac minister / db/ jacka / and so on so forth and I stay tuned in to sickness coop just thought that was a little dry that’s just my opinion and I know Brah opinions are like assholes everybody’s got one but I just wanted to clear up my last comment because I don’t want to come off like one of these internet sucka

  3. Thank you Coop.

  4. philthy has really become a bigger name outside the leftcoast the last 2 years or so… good to have more ppl repping us than just the typical names…. iam still hoping some more names from the NW get onto some major things… cant front tho, ppl up here have been making some major strides lately…thax for the interview, and all the interviews Coop

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