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Hot! Exclusive: Philthy Rich (@PhilthyRichFOD) Talks Rap Beef, One Mob & More!

A couple of weeks ago we published here on the Siccness Network a exclusive interview with Sacramento rapper Lavish D, who is now serving a 6 year sentence in a California State Prison. During the interview we tried catching up on the incarcerated rapper and get details on what let to his recent troubles. If your familiar with the history of Lavish D and Oakland rapper Philthy Rich, you would know that the two hardly have ever had anything nice to say about one another. During this recent interview with Lavish D he would say some things that didn’t fit well with his opposing side.

In the days following the release of our previous interview, Philthy Rich reached out to give his last response, for what? you gonna have to check out the full interview below to find out. Leave a comment and let us know what your think.


  1. Who does this nigga think he is ?? Filthy rich u suck u ain’t movie no real units coop u need to stop talking to this lame I felt him on that Lavish D but how did he kill messy career and DB career and he keeps saying paperwork but this is same shit he did to mess after mess got robbed he drop that diss tape calling mess a snitch wit no proof And he jumped out of his mouth that he’s the best from Oakland no you’re far from and all you Keep talk about is money and your foreign vehicles and I know you didn’t whip that a Lambo thru Fillmore like he was looking for Mess you can have all the money in the world but money don’t spell real Nigga what does wrapper in the bay area and every interview you be on u speak on mess and Db And you started both those beefs with no Real reasoni’m going to do the SimCity money dance when I hit the SimCity moneyman get off your high just wrap like you more than what you’re just seen you in the gangland right around in a bucket with the baby Chain crying about your cousin

  2. I fucks with Lavish, I fuck with filthy. They both dope and respectable individuals. Mozzy dope as well.

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