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Hot! Exclusive: Legendary DJ Jelly Talks, Career, Dr. Dre’s Compton, Future The Artist & More

When it comes to selling mix tapes in the Deep South, there are only two DJs who hold the distinction of being the hottest selling DJs throughout the whole region. One is the legendary DJ Screw (RIP) of Houston who in the genre of music known to the world as screw music. The second DJ is DJ Jelly out of Atlanta. Prominent club DJ in the late ’90s/early 2000s Dirty South movement. Best known to the general rap community through his Down South Bounce mix albums.

We caught up with the legendary DJ Jelly, while taking a break at home with his family, to discuss his start up and current position in today’s hip hop industry. We also got to speak on Atlanta’s new sound it’s front runner rapper Future and also gives his opinion on the highly discussed “Compton” soundtrack. Dr. Dre’s first album in over an decade.

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