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Hot! Exclusive: J-Diggs Talks Messy Marv, Mac Dre Movie & More | Part 3

Bay Area rap Boss J-Diggs caught up with the Siccness Network while serving the remainder of his 90 day house arrest sentence for his legal troubles dating back to 2014, where some may remember the rapper being held in the Lone state of Hawaii with no access back to his home state for reports of attempted murder and assault charges.

In the final part of our exclusive interview with the Romper Room OG, We pick up were we left off at. Discussing Messy Marv, Dubbe, Thizz Kids and exclusive details on the Making of Mac Dre and Romper Room Gang film. Check out part 3 the final part of the interview and be sure to log at for the part 1 & 2 of this exclusive interview.


  1. messy marv fuck with dre more than most rappers how is mistah fab even accepted I mean nobody saw the my lifes a movie video where they dissed mistah fab mac dre didn’t fuck with e40 either j digs know a lot of bay rappers hated on mac dre just like theyre hating on messy and trying to ride his wave the jacka and j digs and messy the only real ones who really represents thizz ent dubbe
    philthy rich too short and e40 are all trying to ride mac dre wave but he didn’t fuck with one of them when he was alive fuck mistah fab they dissed him and mistah fab dissed dre in my lifes a movie and also its a fact mac dre and e40 did not get along nor did dre fuck with cellski

  2. its crazy all these niggas dont understand the only nigga left niggas really fuck with even if hes fuckin retarded now is mess. everybody else garbage nigga. shit gonna stay like this for the bay.

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