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Hot! Exclusive: Destro & Slowe Burna Interview

Exclusive Interview with Destro & Slowe Burna

Destro and Slowe Burna, have been representing Oakland, CA and the bay area for years, releasing the 3 albums filled with the mob music sound that landed the bay area on the map. Their latest release, “D&S” highlights their enduring passion for the mob sound by having most of their project produced by E-A-Ski and Sean T. No strangers to the independent hustle, Destro & Slowe Burna have successfully put out 2other solid, independent albums since 2004, with “True 2 It” (2004) and “Rap Music” (2006).

In this exclusive interview with, we sat down with Destro & Slowe Burna to discuss their most current release “D&S”, working with multi-platinum producer E-A Ski, collaborating with fellow Oakland natives and bay area icons Too Short, Andre Nickatina, V-White and others.

In 2013 you dropped your most recent musical offering titled, “D&S”.  Tell us about the record and what we can expect with this project?

D & S is our third project together and we feel it’s our best work ever. We had the opportunity to work with a lot of legendary artists and producers over the years. Plus, we‘ve grown as artists and individuals and it shows on this album. That’s why we named it D&S because this project really reflects who we are Destro and Slowe Burna. You can expect D&S to keep giving you doses of that M.O.B. music. The fact is that we are still independent and we don’t have to make that pop/love rap bullshit that they play on the radio.

How do you feel that “D&S” either differs or compares to your previous efforts, “True 2 It” and “Rap Music”?

Every project we drop we take it to the next level. So D&S is the next step in our evolution. True 2 it was the beginning we had a very small budget and very few connections because not too many people had heard of us. But we got it out there to the people and it gave us a bigger budget and more connections to put together Rap Music. On Rap Music we had B-Legit, San Quinn, Tha Whoridas, and America’s Most Wanted and people took notice. They also respected the hustle and the way we were getting down. So for D&S we had so many more resources available to us.

“D&S” features bay legends Too Short, Andre Nickatina, Keak Da Sneak, and V-White.  How were you able to get these prominent features for this record?

The success of our previous two releases gave us access to a bigger network than we’ve ever had.  When we reached out to each of theses artist, they showed us major love, especially since we’re independent. It felt good to have different artists from all over the Bay come through and lace the album.

Along with those features, you also have several tracks produced by Sean T and the almighty E-A-Ski.  When you were putting this project together, did you set out to get these guys to handle the production?

Oh yeah, definitely. We knew we had to step it up on this project and it starts with the production. Both E-A-Ski and Sean T have a lot of hits under their belt and we wanted to add to that collection. It was a challenge hunting the down because of who they are, but when we connected the chemistry was definitely there. That’s how we were able to complete multiple tracks very quickly.A guy like E-A-Ski has produced for a number of artists both independent and major-label like Ice Cube, Spice-1, Too Short, Naughty by Nature, Master P and others.  What was it like getting in the studio with a producing legend such as Mr. Ski?

Working with E-A-Ski was an incredible experience. His professionalism and overall knowledge of the game is overwhelming. But when you hear the tracks he creates for you, as an artist, you’re going to reach deep inside yourself and bring it. That’s what happened when we heard the tracks; they just instantly put us in the zone.

E-A-Ski did 2 songs on the “D&S” album, “All of the Above” and “Worldwide”.  Tell me about the making of those two particular tracks.

When we heard the track for “All of the Above” there was an instant vibe. We felt the energy of the track and the song almost wrote itself. We knew we had to have the track for Worldwide. The track spoke to me [Destro] especially and is his solo song. We like to mix it up, Destro and Slowe Burna don’t always rap together on every song. As you listen to our music, you’ll see our different styles and how we compliment each other.

In addition, Cali legend Sean T provided some dope production on “D&S” as well.  What was the collaborative process like with Sean T?

You can do a lot with technology these days. When we caught up with Sean T he was in Atlanta. We chopped it up and gave him an idea of who we were and he sent us the first track “Getting it in” and we was oh shit we got to do that again. Then we did “Move Like a Playa” that gave us that West Coast Gangsta Party feel. We were fortunate enough to do a third track “Cut Throats” and we had to get the fam on the project on a real big song. Nuttso and Chris Lockett was the perfect fit.

What’s the current single you’re utilizing to bring attention to the “D&S” project?

Right now we are pushing “All of the Above” and “Rap Star” as the singles off the new project. We just finished shooting the videos for both songs. We selected these tracks because they give people two different feels of D&S. “All of the Above” is very high energy and gets the crowd turned up. Rap Star has a more of a laidback drop the top and ride, boss playa feel to it.

Besides, of course, putting this project together, what all else have you guys been up to, both personally and professionally?

We stay busy working on projects and family. We are currently collaborating with Mongoose who was featured on “California” on D&S, on his new project. We also have done the sound track for the film “Dark Divas” and plan to begin making feature films very soon. Next we have an adult entertainment company, The Khandi Shoppe that we have been operating for the last 6 years. And we both have families.

How would you describe or define the style of music the two of you create and perform?

We make M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches) music that is the best way to describe our sound. We have a different approach to this. We don’t try to put out a lot of albums; we rather make quality, classic records that people are going to remember forever. As we grow and evolve as artist that is one thing that will never change.

To date, what has been your greatest career moment?

It’s hard to say what our greatest career moment is. We have had the privilege of rocking with some of the biggest legends in the game either on tracks or performing live. Honestly, the real highlight for us is signing autographs getting to interact with all our fans.

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of Hip-Hop, and, even more specifically, the bay area scene?

No not at all. The Bay needs to get their identity back instead of trying to sound and do what’s trending. The industry as a whole needs to stop recycling the same bullshit. But we’re not here to complain, but will just continue to do what we do and give our fans what they want.

Looking ahead, say five or even ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

By that time, we would like to be able to drop projects when we want to, not because we have to. We’ll definitely be behind the scenes developing other independent artists. Hopefully by then, you’ve seen some of our movies.

As for the immediate, what’s next for Destro and Slowe Burna?

Right now, we’re continuing our promotional tour for D&S and plan on working on our next project, movie and soundtrack, and more collaborations.

Where can fans of Destro & Slowe Burna reach out to you guys and get more of your music?



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