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Hot! Exclusive: BTS with Nef The Pharaoh @Modesto,CA

Nef The Pharaoh
Exclusive Interview & Performance

Nef The Pharaoh Interview
by Omega Crosby



As a photographer/cinematographer I had the oppurtunity
to gain backstage access with rapper Nef The Pharaoh
for his performance at Palladium in Modesto, CA. The event was beyond great and energetic, and the fans went wild for the hip hop artist.

One thing I can for sure tell you about Nef The Pharaoh is that he is humble and stays focused.

Omega Crosby: This is Siccness Network coming at you worldwide, we have with us today, rapper “Nef The Pharaoh”.

Nef The Pharaoh: What’s up wit it.

Omega Crosby: So when did you start rapping?

Nef The Pharaoh: I started rappin at the age of 4, I don’t remember what year that was, I think it was like 1999? yea, 1999.

Omega Crosby: When did you know this was the thing for you, the thing you wanted to do?

Nef The Pharaoh: Probably 99, I did a talent show at Vallejo High School and I won first place, and I wasn’t even in high school. That’s when I decided, “this is what I wanna do, this is my dream, and this is my destiny, and this is what I’m doing”.

Omega Crosby: So what are your goals as an artist in the industry?

Nef The Pharaoh: My goal as an artist is to show the world how much talent I have, how diverse I could be, and give them greatness ya know; a soundtrack to life.

Omega Crosby: If you had a dream team collab, which three artists would you do a feature with?

Nef The Pharaoh: Drake, Andre 3000, and Big Pun.

Omega Crosby: Man, that’s tight, that’s tight.

Nef The Pharaoh: Yea, that would be tight

Omega Crosby: Thanks for speaking with us man.

Nef The Pharaoh: It’s all good, I appreciate it, most definitely.


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