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Hot! Exclusive: Adonis The Greek Talks Career, New Music & More

The lore of Greek Mythology has always been alluring to the masses. The stories encapsulated with tales of the god’s, goddesses, heroes, and villains appeals to our infatuation with tragedy and triumph. The Greek god Adonis, whose story is one of love, lust, passion, calamity, and conquest, has always been revered as a deity associated with undeniable attraction. As the god of poetry, love, desire and new life, his narrative plays out in similar fashion to the artistry of R&B’s next sensation, Adonis the Greek.

Upon experiencing the singer / songwriter Adonis the Greek you instantly realize that this multi-faceted artist may be mortal in the flesh, yet his music and talent embodies the immortality of the classic artists that inspire him.  With the passionate appeal of a Marvin Gaye, the stage presence of James Brown, and the awe-inspiring, god-like presence of Michael Jackson, Adonis is, quite frankly, the personification of artistry.  Just as the mythical god brought new life in Greek folklore, Adonis is breathing new vivacity into the music industry with is debut EP “Athens”.

Adonis the Greek took a moment to sit down with for an interview to detail who Adonis the Greek is, share details of his upcoming EP, “Athens”,  what we can expect from his music, and much, much more!



First things first, give us a brief introduction and tell us a little about Adonis the Greek?


Adonis The Greek: Well I’m Adonis the Greek, R&B Nu Wave Singer/Entertainer; CEO of 300Olympus and we are here to take over!


Born in St. Louis, MO, how has your hometown helped form who you are as an artist?


Adonis The Greek: Well off top, it’s given me a certain grind and hustle that has helped me thrive and be successful as an independent artist. Also, because it’s smack dab in the middle of the country we get sounds from every coast, so it has given me a real universal and versatile style.


Tell me about your most recent single, “All That” and why you chose that particular song to be a single.


Adonis The Greek:  The funny thing is that I never picked it as a single, we just shot a video to the song in Vancouver and Rnbass helped break the record. The people liked it so we just let the record work itself.


Tell us a little bit about your EP “Athens” and what we can expect from that project.


Adonis The Greek: Well The EP is a very unique sound, 6 songs of a 6 month journey from nothing to something and I’m speaking from an everyday person point of view; not a wealthy celebrity, so I think people can find the project very relatable. It has a Toronto sound mixed with that southern Midwest bounce. It’s just a great EP to put in your car and ride to. It’s gotten pretty smooth reviews so far so I’m hoping everybody enjoys the refreshing, new sound.


Who have you been working with production-wise?


Adonis The Greek: Recently, I just got in the studio with Mike and Keys. We just put together my new single that will drop later this year.  I’m also working with a great producer from the UK, Andre on The Beat. He’s done half the tracks on my new EP “Age of Fame” dropping in December.


Who has been your greatest inspiration musically?


Adonis The Greek: I’d say Drake, Usher, Chris Brown, Partynextdoor, and The Weekend. I love the consistency of what those guys bring.


At what moment did you realize that this is what you wanted do?


Adonis The Greek: At 18 when I really started taking music and recording more serious I just kept working at it and I just kept getting, better with every song, so I made up my mind that this is what I was made to do because it comes so easy and natural for me.


What can current and new fans expect from Adonis the Greek?


Ah, man lots of things! The launch of the 300Olympus movement, I have a couple of new songs I just dropped: “Shade” which is me and Klay, “3am” that’s featuring me by Kara Tenae.  I also have 3 new videos, and I’m working on finishing up my new EP “Age of Fame” dropping soon! I have a European and Australian tour, so we are just working and building this buzz really and we are not going away.


What other projects are you involved in, not necessarily with music, but maybe other ventures?


Adonis The Greek: I’m working on some things with Kevin McCall and recently just linked in with Nipsey Hussle so you know we’re going to get some hot stuff out to the people!


What do you want people to get from your music?


Adonis The Greek: My music is on Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, Google play everywhere so whatever is best for the fans.


What are some of the spots our readers can check your music and videos?


Adonis The Greek: You can go to for all the latest on me and what I’m doing.


Where can people reach out to you via social media?


Adonis The Greek: Follow me on everything, Facebook Instagram and Twitter @Adonisthegreek

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