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Hot! Video E.D.I. Don: “California Love” Wasn’t Originally Meant for 2Pac

E.D.I. Don shared the back story on one of 2Pac’s biggest hits of his career, “California Love,” which the Outlawz emcee revealed Dr. Dre gifted to him after Pac returned from jail in 1995. He also disclosed that the track was a “welcome home gift” from Dr. Dre, whom E.D.I. Don believes was saving the track for himself.

During the conversation E.D.I. Don also spoke about the late rapper Hussein Fatal’s verses that were ahead of their time, and he pointed to his verse on “Made N****,” where he rapped, “We find excuses to loot, cock, and shoot/Blow the roof off them groups like [?] Rachmel Raouf.” E.D.I. Don explained that the line was years before the 9/11 tragedy, but he shared that Hussein was very aware of what was going on in the world and he was able to convey it in his rhymes.

Check out more of what he had to say in the above clip, including E.D.I. Don’s thoughts on 2Pac’s increased drive to work more after being shot in 1994.

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