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Hot! E-40 Questions Authenticity Of Recent Mac Dre Tributes

Yo Gotti’s Jeezy-assisted single, “Act Right” entered Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” chart this week, joining Drake’s 2011 single, “The Motto” on the list of recent, charting songs to pay homage to slain Bay Area rapper Mac Dre. But fellow Bay Area emcee, E-40 questioned the motives of such artists.

“Man, you know my words carry a lot of weight. I have nothing against none of them dudes, right? They just capitalizing off a great rapper that was from the Bay and passed away,” E-40 said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “They know that the Bay had love for him, so why not say his name? Can I say that they listened to him before he passed or even after? Can I say that they can quote his lyrics? I don’t know. But hey, they did come to the Bay and shoot the videos and invite the whole Bay out. It opened a lot of people to the sound when Drake did it. And with Yo Gotti, I hear it everywhere. So to each his own, man. I ain’t mad at it. It is what it is.”

Mac Dre, born Andre Hicks, was killed in 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri when a gunman fired into a van in which Hicks was riding. Known for his signature slang, E-40 added that he often feels the Bay Area gets overlooked in terms of trendsetting. Additionally, 40 praised Richmond, California emcees Calvin T and Magic Mike as influences. And he often speaks out in support of his hometown Vallejo and the surrounding Bay Area, E-40 pointed out the need for West Coast unity and how his 2012 single “Function” fit into that agenda.

The West Coast hadn’t been on for a minute,” E-40 said. “We all the way on now, and everybody wanna get some West Coast slaps…I wanted to bring the Bay Area and Lala together, because we all West Coast. It was just God that did it, because ‘Function’ wasn’t a violent song. It was just a slap, and it’s not going nowhere. I think it’s in there, ‘cause it’s played everywhere. I was glad to be with the youngsters, and I truly believe in them. All of them told me, ‘Right on, Unc.’”

After emerging on the scene with his Mr. Flamboyant EP in 1989 E-40 will continue his 21-year career in Hip Hop with the release of Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4, 5 & 6 on December 10. In addition to the single “Plush,” E-40 explained that the albums will feature singles that either sample and/or interpolate “Stairway to Heaven” by the O’Jays, “Doo Wah Ditty” by Roger Troutman and Zapp among others.


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  2. Not true. You never know who listens to what. I remember Killer Mike mentioning listening to 3XKRAZY in an old interview.

  3. This nigga a hater bra I swear 2god he wants Mac dre 2 go away. I’d never hate on 40 he get his doe but remember when Mac dre died an e40 grew dreads an tried 2 to take hypha manestreem. This the same nigga that got ma when b legit did a song with them niggas. Crest side an hill side Neva got along anyways. Mac dre was the realest nigga from the bay. An I grew up on tired of getten stepped on, bring the yellow tape, practice looking hard. If Mac dre was living shit would b way differ in the bay real shit. He did 2 Mac dre what snoop did 2 him with that fasheezy shit wich 40 STOLED from keak an 3x Krazy.

    • Ur fucking retarded 40 did shit wit dre b4 he died and recently wit diggs ya fucking lame get up on yo shit lil niggggah

      • Got me Fukien up relly I’m rite hear born in da town dep east oakland hi street lil daddy raised in macramé to north side del paso heights. Get the fuck on lil boy. U probly still blow momma titty boy. I’m from hear the shits credible. WHO ARE U. Nobody. I was out ther the nite the police turned out the function at the civic center so dre bein the real nigga he is came out Sid an did the show on top of a this van. U feelen sme type of way buddy. You are irrelevant in my world and probly in yours. Kick brick homie nobody cares what u was thinking. I don’t speec unless ino what the fuck I’m speaking on groan man shit apparently you didn’t learn that blouse you made that lame ass comment you a bitch yo favorite rapper probly dat vers lick nigga. I ain’t sayn shit els you cry like a bitch all you want.

  4. funny thing it’s a Bay producer that made the slap that “Yo Gotti” used for act right & 40 shined yo Gotti off because of the mac dre line on doin the record.

  5. All the time tho muthafuckas can’t say the crest side in the hillside don’t get along or never got along shit I’m from the hillside born and raised and I fucks with the crest tuff..regardless of what people may think about E40 he and DRE both put VALLEJO on the map in a major way..the cuddie gone now let that man rest in peace DRE Is always gone live on thru others music like my folks the CREST CREEPERS THE CUDDIE DIGGS AND IT LOOKS LIKE ALOT OF OTHER RAPPERS SUCH AS DRAKE WHY ARE MUTHAFUCKAS TRIPPING SO WHAT IF THEY USING DRE’S NAME TO GET FURTHER..DRAKE IS A MAJOR ARTIST KNOWN ACROSS THE WORLD SO NOW LOOK AT HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE WILL KNOW ABOUT THE CUDDIE MAC DRE…T…I…P

  6. This fat ass nigga ain’t got no say so about Mac Dre first of all Dre never liked yo bitch ass then you tried to fool the people and steal my nigga Dre swagg my nigga Dre smashed this dude with like 10 albums in a row now this nigga want to put out all these corny ass albums stealing Dre blue print plus his lingo so wacc he a undercover hater who been fooling the people for along time he wasnt even fuccin with his fam no more b legit and lil Bruce Mac Dre resurrected their careers and I’m pretty sure he had something to do with what went down in Kansas City cuz he fucc with fat tone(rest in piss) and hating ass C-Bo another Mac Dre hater but its all good my nigga Dre gon live for ever and y’all music is dead to us real westcoast niggas

  7. yo gotti, saying rip mac dre, is like naw,but he does respect,e40/mac dre have been the top in bay area, drake n all that top 10 in outta state but as far as e40/mac dre the bay top 10 is different, this new west coast isnt west coast mob shyt, its club shyt now, they make the west look soft, atleast e40 still makes the west hard and ice cube still doin his thang, and new west coast rappers comming out like mac reese,fiarfield, remixen real nigahs from mac dre, called player population with keak da sneak, some sayin he bringen that old/new west coast mob back be remixen oldie funk songs,with northern cali rappers, like lil raider, big cholo,etc…but theres more to the west then just mainstream, back then it was underground n mainstream, not they forgot the mob shyt, and just went mainstream

  8. now it kendric, drake and all that
    wat happen to keak da sneak, taj he spitz, killa tay, rbl posse, boss hog,
    lol these outta state foos, is taking over california, and california rappers aint comming back hard enough, except that mac reese dude, and also the nasty north gang,lil raider n big cholo,lil toro mexican rappers,be putten in tough, but cali sounden to mainstream tryna be like outta state beats, im from california and all i here is 2chains, people wherein skinny jeans, saying swag, tryna act n dress like outta state people, wat happened to, saying uuugggghh wen a song came on now its ayyyyeeeee, thizz turned into molly, gangsta turn into swag, hyphy turned into just stupid,,, since when does california want to be like everyone, were a state with diversity we should be different n proud of it

  9. E40 gotta respect the embassador vice mace Dre tight but bay niggas switch up why didn’t mace Dre. Become bays best when he was alive imagine if e490 died nor Cal wouldn’t be shit … an tupac still the nay best artist ever. An c Bo keep it gangsta

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