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Hot! Dwyane Wade rumored to have ‘mutual interest’ in Lakers, also linked to Cavs

As the Dwyane Wade tension with the Heat continues to percolate, you knew eventually the Lakers would wind up in the conversation. Like lottery moths to the superstar free agent flame, here comes LA and this one will surely make your head explode.

Because, really, what you want on your team is two former Finals MVPs who can no longer reliably play more than 60 games per season.

Thats said, it’s not a purely crazy idea. Wade could come in on a short-term, big-money contract that allows the Lakers to be more competitive next season while keeping their money available for 2016 and beyond when they look for the next true star to put next to their two young stars, Julius Randle and whoever they draft next week. Wade can play two-guard and Bryant shifts to 3. It’s not great from a defensive standpoint given where they both are physically, but there would be nights where they’d turn back the clock and dominate games.

The first part of that tweet should be noted, however. How do you put pressure on an organization to pony up? Tell them that the Lakers, with max money available, are interested and your client is, too. How do you specifically get Pat Riley’s attention? Tell them the Lakers, his former team, are interested in stealing your franchise icon.

There’s also a point where the smoke becomes a little indication of fire. Wade leaving Miami seemed crazy a month ago, but things have deteriorated quickly, and Wade’s people are letting it be known how unhappy they are, hence all the leaks. Nevermind all of the things Wade’s father said over the weekend or the shirt he was wearing. When so many trusted reporters are sending word that Wade’s camp isn’t happy, it’s not just noise. It may be part of a negotiating contract, but once a guy at Wade’s age and status starts to look around, and when he realizes how far out of the spotlight he has fallen since LeBron James‘ departure, a move like this gets him back on the cover of magazines. It’s not like Wade would struggle with the LA lifestyle or media attention.

Meanwhile, Chris Bosh has to be wondering where all this came from. The guy left a chance to compete with the Rockets on the table to return to Miami and stick with Wade. Is his guy really going to leave him hanging? Does this affect Goran Dragic‘s feelings on re-signing in Miami? There’s a lot of fallout if Wade winds up leaving, and the interest between the Lakers and Wade is only the latest in what is becoming a pattern that seems to point more and more to a dissolution of a career-long bond between the superstar and his adopted home of Miami.

No matter how prepostrous or short-sighted this may seem, bear in mind that the Lakers have no interest in long-term rebuilding that requires losing. They want the talent, and they will have gotten it in the past two drafts after next week. But they want to return to contention, and paying big money for short years to sell more tickets and boost ratings with their massive television deal while helping to inch open the window for Kobe Bryant to make an improbable run to the title is certainly worth it.

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