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Hot! Dubble O Beez & Young Sau Is Monkey Beezness

Dubble O Beez & Young Sau

Monkey Beezness

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. We aint the same
  • 3. Have You Ever
  • 4. Sleep
  • 5. Changes
  • 6. Way of The World
  • 7. Come Closer
  • 8. F.L.Y.
  • 9. V3
  • 10. Money Flow
  • 11. L.S.D.
  • 12. Without You
  • 13. Science of Getting Rich
  • 14. Outro
  • 15. Monkey Beezness (Bonus)

Monkey Beezness is the San Diego urban music collective consisting of Dubble O, Young Sau, and Dave Moss production. Dubble O and Young Sau have already established themselves in the music scene from solo efforts like Dubble O’s First Order of Beezness,and Young Sau’s Dagorilla. Also from collaborative efforts as Dubble O is from the legendary San Diego rap group the Mary Jane Junkees, and Young Sau’s collaborative project with international recording artist XL Middleton. The production from San Diego super producer, Dave Moss, is pushed to another scale with this project. Monkey Beezness combines the commercial ready sound with an awareness to all aspects in the world. The whole project gives a deep tone of creativity mixed in with a lot fun. This is going to be a hot summer for San Diego as Monkey Beezness will be flooding the city with a new wave or better yet a new era of music.


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