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Hot! Dr. Dre Threatens DiamondDRE With Legal Action Over Their Similar Stage Names

Dr. Dre has issued a legal threat against upcoming producer Drew DiamondDRE Reyes claiming that Reyes’ choice of moniker is too similar to his own. The famous hip hop producer has offered DiamondDRE an out if Reyes is willing to slightly alter his moniker, but the up-and-comer isn’t willing to bend unless Dr. Dre takes the matter to court.

DiamondDRE doesn’t agree that fans of The Good Doctor could be confused by the monikers of the two producers and added that his name is now part of his artistic identity. “‘DiamondDRE’ is my stage name and my artistic identity, and Dr. Dre’s attorney is arguing that my mark will cause confusion with his client, Mr. Andre Young (aka Dr. Dre). He’s threatening me by promising to petition to cancel my service mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, if I don’t comply with his terms,” Drew DiamondDRE Reyes told AHH before adding “How can anyone confuse ‘Dr. Dre’ with ‘DiamondDRE’?”

But according to Dr. Dre’s lawyer Robert Becker, DiamondDRE’s moniker is specifically inclined to confuse fans because it uses capital letters, which The Good Doctor’s lawyer claim draws attention to the similarity between the two stage names. “Given our clients fame in the music business as both a producer and performer, particularly with regard to Hip-Hop, in which your client is also active, any use by a performer of the name or mark DRE or of a name or mark that contains DRE, maybe confused with him. But your client’s mark is particularly likely to be confused with our client, because your client is emphasizing DRE over the rest of the mark,” Becker wrote in a letter to Reyes’ lawyer Theresa V. Johnson. Dre’s reps have offered Reyes a chance to avoid a legal battle if the new producer is willing to represent his name as either Diamonddre or DIAMONDDRE both online and in retail venues.

DiamondDRE isn’t about to back down and he pointed out that he sought proper approval to use the moniker back in April 2007 and made use of the stage name since 2010. “There’s no telling how many other artists he may have been blocked in the past…I REFUSE to let any person, regardless of whom they are or their status, to bully me; I don’t know if it’s because of some apprehensive complex you may have, whether it’s cause you’re afraid another artist named “DRE” may outshine you or become fans of another artist’s work besides your own. But I will tell you this…my name is DiamondDRE,” said Reyes.

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