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Hot! DJ YRS Jerzy talks mixtapes, SKE Records, and more with KP Harrison

Cannot go far, especially on the urban media circuit without seeing DJ YRS Jerzy’s name pop up, as he is doing interviews almost every day. The hype surrounding him makes it partially a dream come true, but he has much more in store. DJ YRS Jerzy has already had a big year and it’s only April.

Getting back into the mixtape game, last year, led to a major and unexpected deal for DJ YRS Jerzy, he signed to SKE Records. Linking up with Q The Question, the two hit it off immediately and it was only weeks before he was officially SKE. Now, everybody wants to be down with the hottest independent record label in the game.

Trel Mack recently talked to KP Harrison about some of his career moves. Now, his DJ comes in for an interview with KP Harrison. During their interview, DJ YRS Jerzy talked about some of everything, ranging from the mixtape game to his deal with SKE Records. This was indeed an interesting conversation.

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