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Hot! DJ Quik Reveals The Secret To Working With Dr. Dre & Speaks On Retirement

His Thanksgiving Eve performance during the second annual installment of the “West Coast Feast” may have been billed as a concert, but for all intents and purposes DJ Quik threw a party onstage. You instantly remember he’s a world class engineer, as he calms down an antsy crowd while adjusting the EQ levels of his microphone and turntables. And then you remember he’s the guy who made “Tonight” and co-created “Let’s Get Down” when he holds the orange, neoprene zip-up ice jacket to his bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne on stage the way a placekicker holds a football. On cue, Quik’s cohort for the night, Sugafree, boots it five rows deep into the crowd.

“I already came here sober,” Quik says. “I was bored to death until I got onstage with Sugafree. And when he was drunk, I was like, ‘I guess it’s okay.’ I hate getting drunk now. I’d rather just smoke some weed, nigga.”

Lost in the Cliquot field goal, crowd surfing and some brief commentary about President Obama and 50 years of change is a show executed with pinpoint precision. It doesn’t so much end, as it just overflows and reconvenes backstage. Quik is holding court with adult actor Mr. Marcus (he jokingly asks for half of his black book), discussing the downside of edible marijuana with Flesh-n-Bone (they last too long) and grabbing my digital recorder to escape never-ending requests for pictures.

In addition to his thoughts about the origins of his own eclectic tastes are Quik’s theories about Jimi Hendrix being electric (not the adverb, but rather Hendrix as the human personification of electricity) and how to train your engineering ear to be more like Dr. Dre’s. Is Quik really, officially retired? It seems hard to believe anyone who appears to be having this much fun onstage could just voluntarily walk away from it all.

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