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Hot! Video DJ Free Leonard – My Politics

DJ Free Leonard
Produced by Kill the Computer
Recorded & Mixed by Deuce Eclipse
Directed by Mr. Tower


  1. DJ Free Leonard gets it in for Peltier! Listen n educate yourself with his wrongful imprisonment! FREE PELTIER!

  2. wow great lyrics shared tweeted

  3. There are no other American Indian hip hop artist that organizes events like DJ Free Leonard.
    Free ‘Em All!!

  4. Great Stuff here from DJ Free Leonard! Until he’s free! Many Blessings-

  5. Keep up the great work! DJ Free Leonard your devotion and cause are beyond commendable!! Free Leonard PeLtier!!!! In the Spirit of Crazy Horse!

  6. DJ Free Leonard representing the movement to free political prisoner Leonard Peltier! Free Leonard! Free em all!

  7. Yess.. dj free Leonards always brings it.. your dedication is an inspiration.

  8. DJ FREE LEONARD You are a great passionate inspiration. Thank you for your continuous mesage Free LEONARD PELTIER !

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