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Hot! Defendant punches his lawyer in the mouth after getting sentenced to 15 years in prison

YORK, S.C — A public defender in York County was hit in the face while in court by a handcuffed defendant on Tuesday, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office. Lamarcus Williamson, 30, had pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison when he hit his lawyer, Dan Hall, in the face after the hearing, according to the report.

Williamson, who had his hands cuffed to the front, raised his arms up, and struck his public defender in the mouth with his hands and handcuffs, according to the report. “Next thing I knew, I felt a blow to my mouth and I hit the floor,” said Hall. Hall received a bloody mouth from the assault. The assault happened in front of a judge and court room officials, according to deputies.

The assault was also recorded on court room video. “I’m still sore,” Hall said. “He hit me right above the teeth and right below the nose. My mouth is still sore and my lips are lacerated a bit on the inside, but I think I’ll be OK.” Williamson was charged with criminal contempt and will get six more months added to his 15-year sentence.

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